"From Concept to Creation" — Our Flagship Course in music production. Plus a walkthrough of Neal Fox's UNHINGED album.

What's in this course?

  • EQ - What types and when to use them
  • Compressors and Limiters - What are they? How and when and why to use them
  • Effects — Reverbs, echoes, distortions, Auto-Tune, etc.
  • To Quantize or not to Quantize — and what the heck is Quantizing?
  • Mixing — What is 3D space in audio?
  • Getting a great vocal track
  • A free download of the album, Unhinged
  • How'd he do that? — An inside look into the creation of Unhinged
  • How to overcome writer's block
  • Full Downloadable GLOSSARY
  • 9 hours of video content and 45 lessons
  • Lifetime access
  • Free updates

What this course is not.

This course will not teach you the specifics of any particular DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). But almost all DAWs have the majority of features in common.

Some are better at loop style composing. Some better at film scoring. But all of them can do most of the same things. It's more of a "work flow" preference.

Specific plugins like EQs, compressors, etc., also have most of their features in common. Learn the basics and you can use any brand.

Once you know the BASICS you can apply them to any plugin or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

What you need to get started...

  • A DAW - There are many to choose from if you don't already have one. From expensive to free
  • A desktop computer, tablet or laptop 
  • One or more microphones
  • A MIDI controller - i.e., keyboard, guitar, pads.
  • An interface to get audio from your mic and instruments into your DAW. 
  • A MIDI interface (Maybe)
  • Headphones and speakers. (You could start off with just headphones, but you'll be wanting speakers to really compete with the pros.)

Just a few Testimonials from the Pros...

David Pomeranz

Multi-platinum Songwriter and Recording Artist

Neal Fox is a true visionary. He says with his art what he sees and communicates it with a power, wisdom, eloquence, humor and love rare to find on the scene today.

His viewpoints are always fresh and his music affects me in a way that always makes me feel hope for the future and a greater understanding of this crazy human “boat” we find ourselves in. 

As a Songwriter and Producer, there are none better."

— David Pomeranz 

Jamie Glaser

Jamie Glaser — Guitarist with Jean-Luc Ponty, Chick Corea, Brian Adams.

I am not a guy who surfs much so, either someone who I really know sent me a link to his videos or an angel from up above gave me the gift of finding Neal, his creations, his music, his off-the-charts intellect and videos that will keep you coming back for more.

Finding any artist with the passion Neal has is rare but add to it his creativity, the freshness of his arrangements, the production that is always as good as it gets, lyrics that are crafted as only a consummate pro can do, the grooves, the sounds, the animation.. He is one of a kind.

My strong suggestion is you get his course, download and PAY for his music, and become a fan like I am. It doesn't get better than Neal Fox.  I mean that sincerely. 

— Jamie Glaser

Tony Rockliff

Multimedia Producer

I have had the honor of mastering Neal's singles and albums for a while now, and I have always been super-impressed with Neal's talent as a writer, producer, musical arranger, performer, player, video animator, and comedic satirist. Is there anything this man can't do?

I love the way Neal chooses the instruments and their parts and the sounds in his productions, and how he skillfully layers everything.

And his comedic skills are extraordinary - he skillfully observes absurdities and pokes fun at them in a highly intelligent, funny and aesthetic way that really gets you to look and to see how truly absurd are the things he is writing or singing about.

— Tony Rockliff


  • Is this course made for complete novices?

    This course covers beginner to intermediate.

  • Does it teach me how to produce music in a particular style?

    The basics of producing are the same no matter what style you do. Once you know these you can apply it to all music.

  • Do I have to be a rocket scientist to understand this?

    Nope. There are two kinds of people who become Producers.

    People who start out as engineers often move over into production. These guys know about numbers, graphs, all the really technical stuff.

    Then there's the artist who wants to produce his own music or produce other artists and bands. This type of producer usually knows less about technical details and relies more on aesthetics to get the result. Both are legit. It's just a different stress. Of course, the more you know, the more you can control the result.

    This course goes over the technical and the art of producing.

  • What's the end result of taking this course?

    You'll be confident that your finished mixes can compete with any professional productions on the market.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    If for any reason you're not satisfied with the course we'll return your money up to 30 days after starting the course.

Your Music Is Important

It should sound like it was produced by a Pro in an expensive studio!